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The current version available is always the version at the top of the list.

Changes are made to the software and product manuals on the HUNT ENGINEERING CD more frequently than the web site is updated to ensure that our customers always receive the latest versions of our software. Sometimes the only change from the previous CD is a minor product manual update. All such updates (since 1st January, 2000) are listed here so that you can check that you have the version of the CD that you need for your HUNT ENGINEERING HERON system.  We hope you will find this table a useful reference.

For full information about the latest software releases go to the Upgrades page where you will also find hardware upgrade information. Every HUNT ENGINEERING software product has its own history page which lists the changes made in each new release; there are links in the list below to the relevant history page each time there has been an upgrade to any software product. Alternatively, return to the Support page and follow the appropriate link.

If you need the latest version of any of the software, you can download it now by following the link to that product or request the latest HUNT ENGINEERING CD.

CD version &
release date
Host API & Tools
Server / Loader
Other Changes / Additions to CD
V1.9.15 V3.11V4.16 Updated 64-bit driver for HEPC9
V1.9.14 V3.11V4.16 HERON-FPGA12 memory interface VHDL changed, fixing problems with variations in production
HERON-FPGA12 and HERON-FPGA14 CameraLink support updated to fix problems
V1.9.14 V3.11V4.16 New API & tools with support for Vista and 64bit Windows
Support for Fedora Core 3 - 7 added
HeGraph, Getting Started, Imaging Demo and Host API examples have been upgraded to add 64-bit and Linux support
FPGA projects updated to support ISE V9.2
Latest version of website (V5.0) added
V1.9.13 V3.11V4.14 New Project Plug-in V1.9.9 - CCS 3.03 support added
Updated Server/Loader DSP libraries
HERON-API V3.11 - fixed issue with dedicated DMA in HERON2 external interrupt function
V5.40V1.9.12 V3.10V4.14 Added HERON-FPGA7 memory test bitstreams that were left off previous version
V1.911 V3.10V4.14 Added latest version of web - V4.27 
Removed all legacy and non-RoHS compliant product information 
Added FPGA14 information 
Updated FPGA3 digital I/O example to have host program. New pdf, new fpga3 zip 
FPGA12 VHDL tree added 
Generic examples - Imaging Demo updated to include fpga12 bitstreams. Zip file rebuilt
FPGA9 tree updated to reflect power-pc .mss file 'OS' addition (bug fix for 8.1)
FPGA9 very minor DDR start-up delay change made. No affect expected, only done to bring in line with FPGA12 changes.
FPGA9 tree: host software added to Power-PC DDR Ex… previously missing.
FPGA9 & FPGA12 ZIPs up-to-date
New API&Tools 1.9.12 containing:
- install no longer installs JTAG reset and no longer AutoConfigures CCS
- HERON-API 3.10: fixed erronous assignment in heron2 code
- SL 4.14: fixed small memory leak
- Reset plugin: ccs 3.1 support added
- Project plugin: ccs 3.1 support added
- hrn_fpga 2.7: different way of reporting device string info
HERON2 flash programmer updated
CD version &
release date
Host API
Server / Loader
Other Changes / Additions to CD
V1.9.9 V2.05 V3.9V4.13 Added support, documentation and examples for HERON-BASE2
New installation (API&Tools 1.9.11, HERONBASE2 support added).
New Linux tars (API&Tools 1.9.10, HERON-BASE2 support added, and SL 4.13)
HERON-IO5-DO support and documentation added
impact.pdf updated for ISE 7.x
HERON-FPGA9 HIL has support for PowerPC and VHDL access to DDR memory.
change made to FPGA9 Example 3. User logic re-written to access memory at 1.6gbytes/sec.
updated FPGA9 ex3 tutorial & accessing SDRAM in your FPGA design tutorial to reflect changes made
fixed minor port error in IO2v2 USER AP Template
fixed minor port error in IO5v1 USER AP Template
new zips made for IO2v2, IO5v2, FPGA9v1
updated IO5, FPGA4, 7 & 9 datasheet information on cable to use to program the PROM
Website V4.23 added
V1.9.8 V2.04 V3.9V4.12 Latest version of website added 
New version of IO5 Manual after minor changes re digital I/O connector signal names in Appendix 2
new vhdl for cameralink examples for all module types
V1.9.8 V2.04 V3.9V4.12 New tools installation release (V1.9.10):
Confchk V1.9.9. - FPGA window can now move around or be shut while hrnfpga is operating
hrn_fpga V2.5 - now also shows FPGA or IO module's version number
prject plugin V1.9.6 - bug fix for CCS
autoconf plugin V2.2.0 - bug fix for CCS
Sl/HeartConf V2.12 (BDCAST/LISTEN bug fix
RTOS32 hrnfpga V2.5 & SL/HeartConf V 4.12  - +hEvent bug fix
Upgraded all FPGA module examples to work with ISE V7.x
Added new document "Using Different Versions of ISE" to replace all  ISE upgrade notes 
Updated all FPGA manuals to reference new ISE document
DDC and FFT examples placed in the relevant module directories and removed from generic examples directory
FPGA package info for V1 & V2 added to all FPGA4 datasheets, manuals etc
V1.9.8 V2.03 V3.9V4.11 FPGA4V2 manual added, FPGA4 datasheet updated 
Example files for FPGA4V2 added
FPGA9 manual corrected
IO5V DDC demo updated, IO5 manual updated
New HeGraph.exe for the FPGA FFT example
New API & tools for Linux - Fedora Core 2.0 support, hrn_fpga2.4, confchks added
V1.9.8 V2.03 V3.9V4.11 Updated CD copy of web to V4.19
New version of FPGA5V2 IP correcting problem with clock
Added PowerPC Example B, new FPGA9 projects zip added
Added DDC framework files for IO5
New version of IO2V2 DDC demo, built with ISE6.1
New version of FPGA9 manual with appendix 3 on DDR interface
New version of Accessing SDRAM with FPGA document to include DDR SDRAM
New version of HIL document with DDR SDRAM interface section added
Updated IO4 manual to correct mistake
FPGA5 DDC demo added to fpga/generic examples
Added updated versions of Server/Loader manual, Host API reference manual, Heron-API manual - rewritten sections/additional function descriptions added.
V1.9.8 V2.03 V3.9V4.11 How to use GDIO with FPGA examples added
New version, 1.0, of  Using the PowerPC on a module that has Virtex-II Pro document 
Added Virtex-II Pro datasheet
Added CameraLink and RS422 projects for FPGA9
New version of FPGA5 manual to include change in SDRAM component (FPGA5 v2), also new FPGA-VHDL projects tree for FPGA5 v2
Modified C source and rebuilt .exe for imaging demo host program to add fix to work with cameras whose first line is scanned out incomplete
New menus to access the above
V1.9.8 V2.03 V3.9V4.11 Added HERON-FPGA9 manual, datasheet and IP
Added api198smp.tar - API for Linux
New version of fpga imaging demo, now uses hrn_fpga lib and heartconf lib, replacing exec calls
Added updated versions of Server/Loader manual, Host API reference manual, Heron-API manual - rewritten sections/additional function descriptions added.
Updated HERON-IO5 manual - new diagrams Addedheron-fpga9 tree added to the fpga directory 
New API&Tools 1.9.9 (1) hrn_fpga 2.4: added *.bit file support, for Virtex II Pro, as EDK creates only *.bit files (no *.rbt) 
(2) confchk 1.9.8: fpga programmer now also has a *.bit file mask, so that now *.bit, *.rbt and *.hcb files are found 
Newly created, preliminary version of using the power pc within virtexII pro document added 
Heron-API version 3.9 - new function HSBSendMessageEx added
V1.9.8 V2.03 V3.8V4.11 New API and tools (API V1.9.8, hrn_fpga V2.3, HERON-API V3.8, RTOS-32 support updated, CCS3 enabled plug-ins)
RTOS-32 API installation & user manual updated
VxWorks API installation & user manual updated
Host-API reference manual updated
HeartConf manual updated for RTOS-32 and VxWorks
Server/Loader manual updated for RTOS-32 and VxWorks
hrn_fpga manual updated for RTOS-32 and VxWorks
HERON-IO5 examples added
Added web version 4.16
V1.9.7 2.02 V3.7V4.10 New CameraLink examples for HERON-FPGA3,4,5,7. with high frequency deserializer
Example projects for RS422 and CameraLink for the FPGA Imaging Demo
New API and tools
New Linux api1.97tar, sl ported, API updated, RedHat 9.0 support added
Updated Server/Loader examples for Linux
Updated example 2 for FPGA5 and 7 (memory test)
Added web version 4.15
Recompiled C6000 and FPGA Imaging demo for new version of Server/Loader
V1.9.6 V2.01 V3.7V4.08 New CD front-end to reference new pdf documents:
Hunt "Virtex II multipliers", Xilinx "Virtex II multipliers", "Sdram for Imaging", "Bursty Data", "Reconfiguring HEART" documents added..
Updated "Imaging with C6000" pdf
Added "fpga hsb mastering" pdf and vhdl
New Host API & tools & updated manual
New Server/Loader examples & updated manual
Updated networkspec, Hrnfpga, hostapiref & heartconf pdfs
Updated all FPGA module datasheets to include power consumption info
Updated all FPGA module manuals to include power consumption & resistor pack info.
V1.9.4V2.00V3.7V4.07 Revised HERON-IO2 documentation to make clear which files and manuals IO2S users need
Using HERON-API to access HERON FIFOs from a C6000 module pdf added
New c files for HERON-API FIFO example added
New hrn_fpga version 2.1 
New versions of Getting Started with FPGA and Starting Development pdfs added
New FFT with FPGA pdf added
Added manuals & datasheets for HECPCI9 & CPCI9-EM2
FFT example added
DDC demo and example corrected to meet timespecs
Added HERON-FPGA5 & HERON-FPGA7 support and examples
web version updated to 4.14
IO2V2 ex3 rebuilt for operation at 125MHz on ADC sample clock
IO4V1 ex3 rebuilt for operation at 105MHz on ADC sample clock
Latest HE_RD_6F fix included in all relevant examples and projects
V1.9.4V2.00V3.7V4.07 New API & Tools installation (1.9.5)
DDC demo and example added to replace previous version, zips included
DDC pdfs updated
Zip for FPGARS232 added
EM1 & EM1C manuals and data sheets added
web version updated to 4.12
V1.9.4V2.00V3.7V4.07 apiuninst.exe & sdpuninst.exe deleted
heuninst.exe updated
new install movie to reflect new style installation
New LINUX API & tools all Linux files are now in a \software\api\linux directory. Also added Linux release notes
Fixed small problem in Host API examples 'reads' and 'writes' - would not run on boards whose ID was not 0
V1.9.4V2.00 V3.7 V4.07Added updated Hrnfpga pdf to include compressed FPGA file information
Added updated HSB spec pdf to include compressed FPGA download commands
Modified Leonardo & Synplify support for all module types
Updated "Getting Started with FPGA" (ex1 logic description)& "Other FPGA tools" (changes to Leo-Syn support)
Added vhdl for RS232 example & new pdf
Updated Windows display demo to work with HCB files, also added no-camera support at user request
New API & Tools install, replacing previous separate API install (1.9.2) & SDP install
CCS version 2.2 support added
CD front end changed to reflect new API & tools install
New Host API (1.9.4), HeGetBoardInfoEx added.
New Heron-API (3.7) fixed some HERON4 DMA problems.
V1.9.1 V3.6V4.07 Compressed bitstreams for all FPGA examples and IP
Added FPGA4 6M gate bitstreams
New hrn_fpga to support compressed bitstream files and compressed bitstream loading
sl examples for stdtest and mysl slightly altered: malloc instead of global array
sl examples docs for stdtest and mysl changed, added troubleshooting tips
V1.9.1 V3.6V4.07 New pdf for PC9-EM2 manual after minor correction & calculating latency section added
New pdf for PC9 after calculating latency correction
New pdf for technote HSBspec, added SL run query type
New DSP with FPGA projects and bitstreams
Updated pdf for DSP with FPGA
Redid zip for DSP with FPGA
New marketing movies added
Engineering movies audio updated
V1.9.1  V3.6 V4.07New FPDP pdf added along with VHDL files
Corrected FPGA3 and FPGA4 RS422 documents
Corrected FPGA3 and FPGA4 Digital I/O/ projects to use 50MHz clock, not 100MHz for RS232
Added HERON2 flash programming utilities and pdf
Updated zips for FPGA3 and FPGA4
Added C6x01 DMA copy example and pdf
Added the real-time example pdf
Added new SDP which contains HERON-API 3.6
Corrected all projects for FPGA1, FPGA2, FPGA3, FPGA4, IO2V1, IO2V2, and IO4. This correction is a fix to FIFO read access with PC8s and corrections to HSB mastering. 
Updated all zips for all FPGA modules.
V1.9.1   V3.4V4.07All FPGA IP and examples updated. They now use Hardware Interface Layer V2.0. Also they are ISE 5.1i projects
FPGA1 and FPGA2 examples are now VHDL
FPGA3 and FPGA4 digital I/O examples now VHDL and include RS232
All FPGA based module user manuals updated to refer to external HIL user guide. Using HIL version 2.0 user manual introduced. 
Using iMPACT with HERON modules manual introduced
Simulating HERON FPGA projects with Modelsim document added
Converting your project from HIL 1.x to HIL 2.x document added
Using an ISE 5.1 project under ISE 4.x added
Camera Link IP added for FPGA3V and FPGA4
FPGA3 IO2 and IO4 datasheets updated
web version 3.14 added to CD 
V1.9.1  V3.4 V4.07Host examples updated for HERON2
New API, updated for HERON2
New Server/Loader, updated for HERON2
New Imaging Library, V1.2, updated to work with HERON-API and display demo
New Windows Display demo, V2.0, for use with HEPC9 + HERON2/4 + FPGA3/4 IP.
V1.9.0  V3.4 V4.06Host API Win2K and Win XP support added
Updated web added
Added "Using ISE5.1i" application note
Upgraded HeartConf tool added
Upgraded Unpack library added
V1.8.7 V3.4V4.05bHERON-FPGA4 added
New web added
Updated HERON spec
Updated HSB spec
Updated manuals for HERONIO2V, HERON-IO2V1, HERON-IO4, HERON-FPGA3 - using JTAG clarified/ expanded
V1.8.7 V3.4V4.05b New Server/Loader distribution, including correct .h file
V1.8.7  V3.4 V4.05Added contents page to CD front-end
New version of HSB spec added, to include reference to interboard module
Changed text colours for linked text
Legacy datasheets page added,
HEPC9 datasheet added to current datasheets
Host API examples for VxWorks updated, manuals updated
SL examples for VxWorks updated and manuals updated
VxWorks install manual updated
API 1.8.7 VxWorks support for HEPC9 added, HEPC8 problem with concurrent read/write fixed, HEARTCONF update, confchk update
SL4.05 VxWorks support added, EM1C/EM1/EM2 support added, noblock
Web V3.10 added
IO4 datasheet and link added
V1.8.5  V3.4 V4.04heron_unpack Fixed problem with GD14 pack routine 1 channel
sl 4.0.4 Fixed problem with  'overlapping' heart routes 't=0' now works.
api 1.8.5 Fixed problem with heartconf, 'overlapping' heart routes now OK. Problem fixed with confchk and c62 heron modules.
New directory for IO2V2 created 
Revised copies of IO2_example_2.pdf & DSPwithFPGA.pdf - minor editing changes
Updated FPGA3V1, IO2V1, and IO4V1 to include fix for ModelSim (new compile errors found with latest version of ModelSim, 5.5b)
New example using a c6x01 timer for dividing clocks
New version of FPGA movie
V1.8.3  V3.4 V4.02FPGA zips redone
New HERON-!O4 user manual
New cdb files with 8K stack with 8K stack for maintask
All C6000 c files have comment added to maintask re stack size
API 1.8.3 updated for use with CCS2.1 
New IP added for RS422 Area scan camera interface
PDFs for HEGD9 & HEGD11 examples updated
V1.8.2 V3.3V4.02 New graph programs for HERON-IO2 & HERON-IO4 hex entries and max/min (including zip files)
New sl_example & sl_api example pdfs added
New NT driver for HEPC9 in Host API
V1.8 V3.3V4.0 API titles now support HEPC9
Updated Server/Loader (correct reset after loading FPGAs).
V1.8  V3.3 V4.0Installation supporting HEPC9 and HERON-IO4 manuals added
HEART movie added
HERON-API, Host API, Server/Loader updated to support HEPC9
Host API, Server/Loader, HERON-IO2, HERON-FPGA3 user manuals updated
HERON Technical Documents section added
"Using other FPGA tools" application note added
ISE4.1 support for HERON-IO2, HERON-FPGA3 example 1, HERON-IO4 example 1 added
Getting started tutorials updated to include HEART module carriers and VHDL support for FPGA modules
Updated HEGD5 manual & datasheet to clarify and correct output voltages.
V5.10V1.71 V3.2V3.40Updated HEGD14 manual
V1.71 V3.2V3.40 Updated HERON-IO2 manual
Added patch for HERON-API
Slight revision to all HERON-FPGA manuals
Updated Unpacking/Packing Library manual
Added 3 IPs for HERON-FPGA3
HERON-BASE1 datasheetadded
V1.71 V3.1.1V3.40 HERON-BASE1manual added
V1.71 V3.1.1V3.40 Updated manuals for HERON-IO2 and HERON-FPGA3
Revised documentation for HERON-IO2 example2 and example3
Added FPDP example for HERON-FPGAs
Added RS232 example for HERON-FPGAs
Added HSB mastering example for HERON-FPGAs
Added Example4 (Embedded Analogue I/O) for HERON-IO2
Modified CD front end to make navigation of FPGA section simpler
Updated version of this website added
V1.71 V3.1.1V3.40 New user manuals and data sheets for HERON-FPGA3 and HERON-IO2 (New I/O options for IO2, Digitally Controlled Impedance options added, and series resistor option for HERON-FPGA3V)
New Example3 for HERON-IO2 (data streaming)
New version of Example2 for HERON-IO2 (Host example added)
New Libraries for HERON-IO2 and HERON-FPGA3 (new HE-USER that supports HSB mastering from the FPGA)
New FPGA tutorial "DSP with FPGA"
Support for XCV812E added for HERON-FPGA2
New version of SDP (new 'create new project' plug in)
Front end changed to give better access to FPGA examples and Intellectual Property.
V1.71 V3.1.1V3.33 New FPGA configuration tool - supports Virtex II
New user manuals for HERON-FPGA3 and HERON-IO2
New examples for HERON-FPGA3 and HERON-IO2(including Virtex II)
New SDP install - corrected cdb files for CCS 2.0, HERON-API built with CCS 2.0
New HEGD14 examples
V1.71 V3.1V3.33 Host API for Linux upgraded to support Red Hat V7.1 as well as V6.1
HERON-IO2S manual upgraded and examples added
V1.71 V3.1V3.33 HERON-IO2S bitstream added
V1.71  V3.1 V3.33Upgraded SDP and Host API to support Code Composer Studio V2.0, includes upgraded plug-ins and additional cdb files.
Version 3.03 of the Hunt web site available.
V1.7 V3.1V3.33 Corrected the ISE example 1 for HERON-IO1
Changed the format of the FPGA examples to overcome read only attributes on files from the CD.
V1.7  V3.1 V3.33New software install/uninstall options added
New version of Unpacking library
New version of Image Processing library
New versions of CCS "reset" and "new project configuration" plug-ins
"Getting Started" for FPGA modules added
HERON-FPGA1 libraries format changed to handle Foundation ISE support
Application notes for FPGA modules added
New multimedia presentation for FPGA software tools
New multimedia presentation "Developing your FPGA Application" added
New versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator added
New versions of user manuals for all tools in Software Developers Pack and for HERON-FPGA1
New user manuals for HERON-FPGA2 and HERON-IO1
Version 3.02 of the Hunt web site available.
V.1.62 V3.0V3.3 Updated HEGD9, 11, 12 and 14 manuals and data sheets. Also updated the HEGD9 example software to use the latest HEL_Unpack library
V1.62   V3.0V3.3 New FPGA configuration program, new HERON-FPGA1 example and updated HERON-FPGA1 user manual
V1.62  V3.0 V3.3Unpacking/Packing Library upgraded to V1.1
Host API upgraded to V1.62
V1.6 V3.0V3.3 Server/Loader upgraded to V3.3
HERON4 manual updated
HETFLASH manual updated (describing new Server/Loader programming of HETFLASH)
New version (V1.1) of HERON-FPGA config utility
Version 2.0 of HERON4 FLASH ROM programming program
Version 4.0 of HERON4 FLASH ROM program
V1.6  V3.0 V3.21Host API upgraded to V1.6
Upgraded Code Composer Studio drivers
HERON-FPGA1 manual, datasheet, examples & programming tools added
HERON4 manual updated
HERON1 manual updated
HEGD9 manual & examples updated
HEGD11 manual & examples updated
Unpacking / Packing Library added
Multimedia presentations for pre & post sales use added
HERON1 Flash ROM programs updated
HERON4 Flash ROM programs updated
V1.5 V3.0V3.2 HERON software tutorials added, others updated
HEGD6 manual upgraded
V1.5 V2.7V3.2 HERON software tutorials added, others updated
V1.5 V2.7V3.2 HERON software tutorials added, others updated
New software datasheets added
V1.5 V2.6V3.1 HEGD9 manual & software upgraded
V1.5 V2.5V3.1 HERON4 manual added
HERON1 manual updated
Imaging library added
HEGD6 upgraded to support CA-D1-xxxxT cameras.
HERON software tutorials added, others updated.
V1.5  V2.4 V3.1Heron software tutorials updated, some added.
V1.5 V2.3V3.1 Minor changes to HEGD9, HEGD9, HEGD9, HEGD9 manuals for easier reference.
Improved example software for HEGDs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 & 11 added
Enhanced driver for CCS added
More HERON software tutorials added, others updated.
V1.5 V2.3V3.1 HEGD14 manual & software added
HEGD12 manual & software added
HERON software tutorials updated
V1.5  V2.3 V3.1 
V1.4 V2.2V3.0 HEGD9 manual & software upgraded
HEPC7 manual & software upgraded to support TVI cameras
HERON software tutorials added
V1.4  V2.2 V3.0HEGD6 manual & software upgraded to support TVI cameras
HEGD11 manual & software added