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HERON User Area

Use this page as the starting point for all your HERON on-line technical support, information about the latest versions of our HERON and related products etc.  
If you cannot find what you are looking for here then .

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If you are new to HERON systems you will find all the information about how to use a system and the HERON modules here:

User Manuals Using your System FPGA IP Frameworks
Download the latest versions of all HERON product manuals from here A selection of quick-start tutorials on how to use our systems.
Download them from here
Examples and useful FPGA configurations for your HERON-FPGA module. Frameworks for making standard DSP functions with HERON-FPGAs

Check here to see whether you need to update any of your software or hardware and whether there is an application note you need: 

Software Tools Application Notes Latest Hardware CD History
A list of all the software tools available, links to history, update info & download. A collection of application notes written by HUNT ENGINEERING all downloadable from one place. Which products have changed? Would the upgrade be useful for your application? Want to know what's on the latest version of the Hunt Engineering CD? Do you need an update?