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A Typical Data Acquisition or Control System that could be made with HERON products

Data Acquisition and Industrial Control at JET Data acquisition or industrial control systems often use HERON hardware. It is flexible enough to be used to create innovative control and instrumentation systems in industrial situations.  Some are mainstream applications, like controlling packaging systems or timber mills; others are more esoteric, like monitoring nuclear reactors.  Some have needed complex digital interfaces - easily accomplished with our FPGA interface modules.  Others others need high-resolution or high-speed analog.  And of course, some need camera interfaces.  All of these can be supplied from our standard range.

Of course, in high-speed control, performance is not just about sample rate. Unlike, for instance,  wireless communications,  latency is hugely important.  We know from experience that the obvious choice of interface may be the wrong one.

A HERON system for data acquisition will generally use an A/D of some type. The needs of each system will be different but most pure data acquisition systems will use data streams. Control systems however typically need ADCs that have no pipeline delay built into them to allow a sample-process-output loop. 

Data Acquisition systems often use the Signal processing to select a region of interesting data, or event capture etc. Acquisition systems often need to store the data that they acquire. In that case we provide examples of how to pass the data to the Host PC and store them there, although there are some difficult issues involved to sustain high rates using a PC.

The modules will be placed onto a HERON module carrier - like the HERON-BASE2 USB 2.0, HEPC9 PCI or HECPCI9 cPCI cards.
You will also need software tools to allow you to develop programs for your FPGA and or DSPs

So a typical system would be :-
a typical system configuration for data acquisition Data Acquisition
But your needs might be different - take a look at the full range of  HERON products and if you need some help with choosing your system configuration please use the enquiry form.