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HERON-BASE1 Single Slot Module Carrier

HERON-BASE1 single module slot carrier

HERON-BASE1 simple 1 slot HERON module carrier for embedded use

  • Provides a simple way of providing power and physical mounting for single embedded module
  • Provides power up reset, and drives control signals inactive
  • JTAG connector for C6000 based modules

Price: (ex VAT & shipping)

The HERON-BASE1 provides mounting and connections for a single embedded module. It offers mounting holes and rubber feet for a choice of laboratory use and use embedded in other equipment.

It allows a single FPGA based module to be used stand-alone, by initialising the FPGA from the JTAG PROM option of the module. In this case the PROM of the FPGA module is programmed using a Xilinx JTAG cable.

It allows a single C6000 based module to be used stand–alone, by programming the user application code into the FLASH ROM of the C6000 module. This FLASH ROM is programmed using the Code Composer Studio Development Environment. It can be run on the module while fitted to the HERON-BASE1, using a remote emulator card like the Texas Instruments XDS510 plugged into the 14 way header of the HERON-BASE1. Alternatively the module can be fitted to one of the HUNT ENGINEERING module carriers that supports Code Composer Studio for ROM programming and then refitted to the HERON-BASE1.


HERON-BASE block diagram

Technical Specification

Host Bus:None
Maximum Dimensions:5 inches x 2.5 inches
Power requirements:

5V           Max: module max + 0.1A
               Typ: module typ + 0.1A 
+12V and –12V module only

Clocking speedN/A
I/O bandwidth:No I/O


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