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With many years of experience in the Electronics Industry, we have design software for custom Electronic design, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) layout and routing tools, board assembly and production machinery and an extensive selection of electronics test equipment in our own offices in Somerset UK.

production and test

Over more than 25 years we have worked with analogue circuits, discrete TTL, PALs, Microcontrollers, SRAM and DRAM (inc DDR, DDR2 etc) memories, Inmos Transputers, Motorola and Texas Instruments (TI) Digital Signal Processors (DSPS), FPGAs, PowerPC and ARM processors, ADCs and DACs, high speed serial interfaces etc.

While designing and producing complex Electronics boards and hardware over the years we have gained experience of Firmware and software to program and test Electronic systems in a huge range of development systems and programming languages.

Now we are in a position to offer these resources to help you with your project needs. Just contact us to let us know what help you need.

Your project requirements might be able to be met with easily available Electronics, correctly connected together and programmed. We can help you to define what your project needs are, and check what options are available to you. We can work with you whatever the outcome, to quickly achieve success for your project.

Our experience allows us to advise on design for manufacture, as we can manufacture small to medium volumes in house. If your project needs something that we cannot offer, we can help to find and manage an external contractor to provide them.

Based on past experiences, we consider system reliability from the very outset of a project right through the process. Of particular importance in a modern electronic system is Signal Integrity. We have Simulation software in house and have successfully used it to solve real world problems in a variety of applications.

Electronics CAD tools

Many designers of custom electronic systems do not consider design for manufacture and reliability - leaving those problems for you to solve at a later stage of your project. Also not many design consultants have the PCB routing and simulation software or PCB assembly equipment in house. We have CADSTAR PCB software, pick and place and Vapour Phase Soldering equipment that allow us to design and produce anything from the simplest Electronic Circuit Board to the most complex board with a large variety of Surface Mount components on both sides. Having these capabilities in house helps us to reduce the timescale and cost of your project.

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We are happy to offer you a complete package or just to help with whatever part of your project that you are struggling with.

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