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API History

The current version is always the version at the top of the list.

If you want to check that you have all the latest versions of our software on your CD and that all your manuals are up to date, go to the CD History page.

If you need the latest version of the API, you can download it now or request the latest HUNT ENGINEERING CD.

Version No.Release DateChanges to Previous Version
27/05/08 Updated 64-bit driver for HEPC9
14/01/08 Support for Vista and 64 bit Windows added
API 1.9.1329/03/07 Host-API Version 1.9.13 for new tools installation
API 1.9.1210/07/06 HERON-BASE2 update
API 1.9.1122/08/06 Removed API JTAG reset from start up and screen
Removed AutoConfigure CCS from install and screen
Host API version 1.9.9b (HERON-BASE2 driver update)
hrn_fpga 2.7
API 1.9.906/01/06 HERON-BASE2 support added
API 1.9.811/06/04 Support for RTOS-32 and VxWorks updated
Fixed bug in W2K driver for HEPC9
Added missing timeout in HSB read & write functions
API 1.9.717/12/03 Support for Linux 9.0 added
API 1.9.627/11/03 New HeGetDeviceInfo to support new SL interface
API 1.9.512/06/03 HEPC9 Linux support added
API 1.9.413/05/03 New function HeGetBoardInfoEx added to get extended info (slot 5)..
API 1.9.325/04/03 SLAPI infinite loop bug fixed (hendrv, vxd drivers)
API 1.9.218/03/03HCB support added. Affects confchk only.
Utility hrn_fpga now works with hcb (compressed rbt) and rbt
API 1.9.129/11/02HERON2 support added. Affects confchk only.
HeartConf now automatically upgrades heron-id where board bits are 0.
API 1.908/10/02First WDM support added for Win 2000 and Win XP (HEPC9/HEPC8/HEPC3). This version has some reliability problems with multi-threading PC host programs and has not been tested with multi-processor machines.
Fixed HeartConf problem with multiple connections that use multiple time slots.
API 1.8.704/07/02HeartConf now supports EM1C, EM1, EM2
Confidence checks upgraded
API 1.8.622/05/02VxWorks support updated to work with HEPC8 & HEPC9
VxWorks support for HEPC8 bug fix (concurrent read/write)
API 1.8.514/05/02Heartconf problem fixed. Didn't handle some 'overlapping' heart connections properly.
API 1.8.408/05/02Confchk problem with C6201 fixed
API 1.8.306/04/02AutoConfig plug-in upgraded for CCS 2.1
API 1.8.222/03/02NT driver crash fixed
API 1.8.106/03/02final HEPC9 API, interrupts supported, master mode implemented, updated utils.
API 1.828/07/01Preliminary support for HEPC9 added
API 1.7412/07/01This is the version of the API with Linux support which has been upgraded to support Red Hat 7.1 as well as 6.1.
API 1.7120/06/01Plug-ins upgraded to support both V2.0 and V1.2 of Code Composer Studio
API 1.720/04/01RTOS32 support added
HSB functions added
New FPGA configuration utility for Windows
New version of FPGA configuration program - V1.2
API 1.628/12/00Improved Code Composer Studio drivers.
API 1.626/10/00Added support for the HEPC8 HERON Serial bus device and included configuration tool for HERON-FPGA modules.
API 1.517/02/00Linux (Red Hat V6.1) support added
Manual re-organised to make it easily navigable for  the different hardware & host operating systems supported.
API 1.422/07/99HERON support added.
API 1.3 VxWorks Support added.
HEPC6 support added.
Installation made to use uncompressed files.
API 1.2 First release to be put on HUNT ENGINEERING CD. Added VxDs for Win 95. Several Bug fixes, including asynchronous I/O fixes for Pll C Winserver. Installation completely changed, and troubleshooting options added.
API 1.1 First release version.
API 1.0 Pre release version, internal release only