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HERON C6000 DSP Modules

C6000  DSP from Texas InstrumentsThe C6000 is a processor from TI that is designed specifically for Digital signal processing (DSP). They are programmed in C and use a parallel architecture to provide up to 2400MIPS or 1GFLOP of processing power.

All HERON C6000 DSP modules have a processor with external memory, FLASH boot ROM, McBSP serial port connectors, Digital I/Os, Power supply generation from +5V only and have access to HERON FIFOS as memory mapped peripherals. Many of these module features are accessed using our HERON-API software. When your development is complete you can use them in an embedded system by programming your own application software into the FLASH ROM.

Today we have DSP modules available for the C6203 fixed point DSP. Remember to also consider our FPGA modules for DSP.

HERON2-C6203 TMS320C6203 processing module clocked at 300MHz on the HEPC9 (2400 MIPS). HERON FIFOs accessed at maximum of 300Mbytes/sec total see here for discussion of sustained rates.

You can use HERON modules on module carriers from us, or you can develop your own carrier using the HERON module specification.