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Unpacking/Packing Library

Many multichannel devices such as ADCs multiplex channels of data onto a single HERON FIFO. These channels need to be separated before use. The Unpacking/data access library provides efficient assembly-coded routines to convert the data to separate arrays, and optionally to convert it to a different format.

Key features include:

  • Suite of routines which implement unpacking for the data types used in Hunt Engineering I/O modules
  • Each of the unpackers is implemented in optimized linear assembly code
  • Format conversion is done with zero or very low overhead.
  • All code is interruptible to ensure maximum performance in HERON systems.
  • Installed by the standard HERON software installation and included in projects created with the "New Project" plug-in
  • Source code included allowing you to easily customise or extend a function for your own use.

pdf  Unpacking library User Manual