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Useful Application Notes

Below is a list of application notes written by HUNT ENGINEERING. We shall be adding to the list below on a regular basis. Make sure you are on our technical update email list if you want to receive notification of updates to this section of the web site.
Also available are a number of Technology Papers which tell you more about HUNT ENGINEERING technology.

HUNT ENGINEERING Application Notes

Subject & Link to paper pdf  
(documents open in new window)
Developing a real time system - an example realtimesystem.pdf  12/02
Digital Communications systems digitalcomms.pdf  04/01
Digital Down Conversion theory DDCtheory.pdf   04/01
FPGA or DSP? FPGAorDSP.pdf   04/01
How Fast can I Transfer Data?N/A
Accessing multiple FIFOs in your FPGA designmultihilfifo.pdf  12/02
Accessing SDRAM in your FPGA designfpga_sdram.pdf   08/05
Configuring HEART, statically or dynamically confheart.pdf 10/03
Converting your FPGA design from Hardware Interface Layer V1.x to V2.x hil1to2.pdf   12/02
Data Transfers to a Host PC or a processor based module burstydata.pdf 24/10
DDC with HERON FPGA DDCwithFPGA.pdf (using HERON-IO2V) 04/01
DDCwithFPGA.pdf (using HERON-IO5V) 11/04
DDS with HERON FPGADDSwithFPGA.pdf   04/01
Filters with HERON FPGA filterswithfpga.pdf   04/01
Getting Started with the Embedded PowerPC powerpc_exA.pdf   11/04
Connecting the PowerPC Processor to Hardware powerpc_exB.pdf   11/04
Implementing Multipliers in Xilinx Virtex II FPGAs virtex2multipliers.pdf 10/03
Simulating your FPGA design with Modelsim modelsim.pdf   12/02
Using Different Versions of ISEusing_different_versions_of_ISE.pdf 05/05
Using iMPACT with your HERON-FPGA moduleimpact.pdf   12/05
Using the VHDL support for HERON modules with design flows other than ISE otherFPGAtools.pdf   02/02
Using the off chip SDRAM for Image Processing on HERON FPGA modules sdramforimaging.pdf  10/03
Which FPGA tools to use?FPGAtools.pdf  04/01
Data Unpacking Techniques for C6000 Systems unpacking.pdf   01/00
External Memory Types for 'C6000 Systems memtype.pdf   05/99
Selecting C6000 Memory Models & Libraries mem_model.pdf   06/00
Start your C6000 development before you receive hardware startnohw.pdf   04/01

Texas Instruments Application notes
A complete list of application notes available from Texas Instruments can be found at their web site - click here for a link to the correct page.