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WEEE & RoHS ComplianceWEEE & RoHS Compliant


The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive is intended to reduce the amount of harmful substances that are added to to the environment via landfill waste disposal.
HUNT ENGINEERING considers its product (programmable Electronic Hardware for Real Time systems) to be a component that is part of another type of equipment or system, as it does not have a direct function outside of this equipment or system. It is this equipment or system, for use by the end user, which must be evaluated to determine if it falls under the scope of the WEEE directive. Therefore the question over applicability of WEEE legislation for a HUNT ENGINEERING customer's product must be considered and determined by the customer.
For this reason HUNT ENGINEERING are not registering as a producer under a WEEE compliance scheme.
HUNT ENGINEERING however do agree with the aims of the WEEE directive, and strongly support the minimisation of Waste Electronic products going to landfill - in particular, to preserve, protect and improve the quality of the environment, protect human health and utilise natural resources prudently and rationally.
For this reason HUNT ENGINEERING are following some of the guidelines of the WEEE directive simply as a pursuit of good practice.
In particular

1. We mark our products with the crossed out wheelie bin wherever possible, and our documentation carries this mark to encourage proper recycling of our products.

2. As part of our terms and conditions we offer a means for our customers to return unwanted HUNT ENGINEERING products to us, so that we can properly dispose of them via an approved recycling scheme.

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The Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive bans a list of hazardous substances from all Electrical and Electronic Equipment sold into the EU after July 1st 2006. The main substance is Lead (Pb) but there are also other substances that need to be removed (such as Flame retardants used in some plastics).
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To comply with these regulations it has been necessary for us to review all of our products. Some older products have to be obsoleted because they use components that do not comply with the regulations. All products shown on this web site are compliant with the RoHS legislation, and products that have been removed are no longer available.

There is no legal need for us to label products as compliant - they must be compliant if offered for sale. But in the short term in order for us to carefully control products coming from our production, we will affix a label to compliant products. This helps us to ensure that nothing is shipped that is not known to be compliant.

We use a commercially available sticker with a crossed out Pb. In our system this means more than lead free, but actually fully RoHS compliant. Of course this is also traceable by us via the unique serial numbers we use to identify our products.

If you have any questions about this statement then of course you can contact us.