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But from 2016 we are offering Electronics design services and consultancy.
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Digital Signal Processing Solutions

we can provide your signal processing solutionOur hardware is used throughout the digital signal processing industry, with applications in fields as diverse as telecoms and automotive, robotics and sonar... The HERON range is ideally suited to these and many more applications, so many that we can't detail them all on the website! 

Usually our customer is the expert in his specific field, knowing exactly which algorithms are required for his application, but it helps to talk to a supplier who understands the needs of a Real Time DSP system. Normally HUNT ENGINEERING can provide a fully supported DSP system of hardware and software leaving you to concentrate on making the application do exactly what you want it to.

Perhaps you have an idea that could make your fortune? Our job is to get you a DSP system that you can use to implement and prove your ideas. We can help you take your idea to the next stages too - see our customer charter.

Perhaps you need to build a slightly different system for each of your customers. Our Modular systems allow you to re-use hardware and software expertise in different system configurations.

Perhaps you are tired of redesigning your DSP boards to keep up with new technology? Our job is to keep supporting new technologies while making it simple for you to move from one generation to the next - Supporting your Future!

See how we can put your Digital Signal Processing system together.