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Server/Loader History

The current version is always the version at the top of the list

If you want to check that you have all the latest versions of our software on your CD and that all your manuals are up to date, go to the CD History page.

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Version No.Release DateChanges to Previous Version
V4.1614/01/08Support for Vista and 64bit Windows added
V4.1405/05/06Memory leak fixed
V4.1306/01/06HERON-BASE2 support added
V4.1212/05/05BDCAST/LISTEN & hEvent bug fixes
V4.1116/06/04Upgraded support for RTOS-32 and VxWorks
Added support for CCS 3.0
V4.1017/12/03Support for Linux RedHat 9.0 added
V4.0827/11/03Full interboard connection support
Change to dll based approach
V4.0729/11/02HERON2 support added. 
SL Confchk updated, updated SL plugin (and thus the exe and lib), the create-new-project plug-in, and added heron2 stub files.
Heron-id's now automatically upgraded if board is 0 in the heron-id. GetBoardInfo is used to verify if a module is really there prior to booting/programming (C6x/FPGA).
V4.0608/10/02Some bug fixes, incorporates fix for HEARTConf with multiple connections that use multiple time slots
V4.0504/07/02Addition of HEPC9 support and support for programming FPGA or HERON-IO devices.
HEPC9 support includes features such as HEART programming and new statements to declare non-dsp nodes (to be used with HEART programming).
V4.0413/05/02Fixed problem in HERON_UNPACK's Worked with array lengths that are multiples of 16 only. Now multiple of 2 is good enough.
Fixed problem with heartconf. Will now correctly assign connections between slots.
V4.0316/04/02 New HERON-API 3.4 to work with CCS 2.1 
Create new HERON-API project plug-in upgraded for CCS 2.1
Small S/L source changes to achieve common source with VxWorks.
V4.0222/03/02After FPGA programming extra reset is done
V4.0112/03/02Finalised full HEPC9 support
V4.005/03/02 Added support for HEPC9 and also for programming FPGA or HERON-IO devices. HEPC9 support includes features such as HEART programming and new statements to declare non-dsp nodes.
V3.4005/10/01New version of SDP to include new 'create new project' plug in
V3.3320/06/01Plug-ins upgraded to V3.4 to support both V2.0 and V1.2 Code Composer Studio and new cdb files added to support V2.0 CCS
V3.3320/04/01Minor bug fixes
V3.31/12/00New (C4x) HETFLASH support, manual updated to include this.
V3.2126/10/00Updated libraries for 'C67x
V3.204/08/00New, faster protocol added
HERON-API now used for all communications
HERON4 support added
'C4x support added (previously only in version 2.7 and earlier).
V3.103/04/00Linux (Red Hat V6.1) support added
'C4x and 'C6x support merged
Server/Loader Code Composer "plug-in" added.
V3.0Oct. 1999The network file has a new node declaration, using "C6" instead of "ND"
"C6" entries in the network file don’t use LBCW/GBCW/IACK.
The bootloader function has changed (if you used HEPC6 before you need to re-compile HEPC6 DSP programs to get them to work on a HEPC8).
The Server/Loader host library interface has changed radically. The current version is written in C++ and the Server/Loader library interface is now supplied by the network class.
V2.7Jan 1999Supports both ‘C6x and ‘C4x multi-processor DSP systems, and includes support for VxWorks (‘C4x).