HUNT ENGINEERING closed in 2010 - This page is for information only.
But from 2016 we are offering Electronics design services and consultancy.
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Who We Are and What We Do!

We are a hardware supplier, specialising in powerful Signal Processing solutions for imaging, RADAR, SONAR, communications and other processing intensive applications. We use modular systems with DSP processors, FPGA devices and comprehensive I/O interfaces. This allows us to build many systems quickly, using standard products.

We've got a long track record of working with customers - in fact, our history stretches back to 1988.  Our philosophy is a little different from many other suppliers - we aim to be "The World's Favourite Supplier of DSP Systems".  We don't have a sales force.  Instead, we rely on our good reputation, our technical expertise and our high-quality support to help us build long-term partnerships with our customers.   It's a winning combination - many of our customers have been working with us for many years.
So what are the reasons to choose Hunt Engineering for your reconfigurable DSP system?

We are a TI third party and a supporter of XtremeDSP from Xilinx.

You can also download a movie (6.08Mb, soundcard required) to learn more about Hunt Engineering
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Of course, having read all about us, you may want to visit us,  we've got a map to get to the main office in Somerset (South Western England).

Tel: (+44) (0)1278 XXXXXX,
Fax: (+44) (0)1278 XXXXXX
Chestnut Court, Burton Row,
Brent Knoll, Somerset, TA9 4BP, UK

We also have Standard terms and conditions that apply to all our products