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Using your HERON system

When you start to use our systems you need to follow a path through the tutorials so that you learn about the architecture and tools. Then you can progress through to examples to learn about specific features of your system, and then these might form the basis of your application for your own system. 

It is important to follow through from the beginning to the end in order to learn about all of the aspects of your system.

  1. Getting Started with your system
  2. Then if you have FPGA modules:

  3. FPGA module tutorials
  4. FPGA module examples
  5. Then if you have C6000 modules:

  6. C6000 module tutorials
  7. C6000 module examples
  8. If you have inter-board connection modules:

  9. Inter-board connection examples
  10. If you are writing an application program for your Host PC:

  11. Host program tutorials and examples
  12. Finally you can learn about how the system works together

Alternatively you can request the latest HUNT ENGINEERING CD  which contains all these tutorials and examples.

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