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Unpacking / Packing Library History

The current version is always the version at the top of the list.

If you need the latest version of the Unpacking/Packing Library, you can download it now or request the latest HUNT ENGINEERING CD.

Version No.Release DateChanges to Previous Version
V1.608/10/02Fixed problem with Sign extended unpacker functions
V1.516/09/02Fixed problems with Sign extending functions
V1.414/05/02 Fixed problem with GD14 pack routine 1 channel
V1.320/04/01Added HEL_UnpackSe16BitYchan functions, to support HERON-IO. The functions unpack and sign-extend a 12-bit data value. Added HEL_PackBin2h16BitYchan functions, to support GD14 data formats. It accepts an array of signed shorts, and packs them into proper GD14 data format.
V1.212/02/01Fixes a problem when using masks that have the top bit set, all masks are now defined as unsigned to prevent this problem.
V1.11/12/00Added packing functions and made unpacking more general purpose.
V1.026/10/00First version released