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Software Tools Download

If you are downloading a new version of your software, you may also need the updated manuals - available from the User Manuals page. The latest example software and quick-start tutorials are available from the Software Tutorials page.

Windows software Installation
This allows a complete installation of the Software required for your HUNT ENGINEERING system. It includes the Host API, FPGA developers pack and C6000 developers pack. You may require a new password to enable to you install. Contact us by email including your current password and/or details of your original purchase order to receive the latest password.
The size of the download file ( is 82Mbytes.
When you have unzipped this file, run the setup program (Setup.exe), which is in the subdirectory called  "api".
Download now

LINUX Support:

LINUX HOST API  (includes HEART Conf tool and FPGA Configuration tool
All Linux Users will need this installation.
The size of the API download file that contains Linux support (api1912.tar.gz) is 10,358Kbytes. This file also includes the LINUX Server/Loader Tool which is only necessary for Linux users with C6000 modules
When you have ungzipped and untarred this file, use the install script which is included to install this version of the API correctly.
  Download LINUX API

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If you don't want to download now, all HERON documentation and software is also available on the HUNT ENGINEERING CD which you can request.