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HERON Module Carriers for PCI, cPCIHERON module carriers for cPCI, PCI & USB & USB

A Module Carrier board provides mechanical mounting, power supplies and control of your modules. It also provides a means to exchange data between the modules in real time at up to 400Mbytes/second and with the Host computer at up to 100Mbytes/second using connections based on FIFOs. 

The HEPC9 is our PCI HERON module carrier, whereas the HECPCI9 is a Compact PCI format carrier. They each provide 4 HERON module slots, and use the HEART communications system to provide the real time data exchange using software configurable "virtual FIFO" connections. 

You can extend your system across multiple Module Carriers using Inter-board Connection modules. These allow you to make Real Time connections between boards at up to 125Mbytes/second per cable, whether they are in the same PC or not. Being able to connect 2,3,4 or as many boards as you need extends your HEART system to as many modules as you want. 

Part or all of your system can be used stand alone (without a PC) if you want.

The HERON-BASE2 is our high-speed USB based module carrier. It has slots for up to two HERON modules which can connect to a PC via USB 2.0. The USB connection is supported by the Host API software so software applications and tools on the host PC can access the hardware. 

For simple (single module) embedded systems the HERON-BASE1 module carrier can be used. It is particularly suitable for HERON-FPGA modules but will also accept a HERON C6000 module.

All of our module carriers are supported by our HOST API software which allows you to access your DSP system from a program that you write for the Host PC.