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FPGA module Tutorials

  1. We have a multimedia presentation about how you will develop the program for your FPGA modules. You can download it. 
  2. You need to follow the "Getting Started with HERON Modules that have FPGAs" tutorial. There are some source files that go with it.
  3. Using the Xilinx Core generator will be an important part of your development. We have an example of how to do that, using a Core Generator FIR filter. There are source files for that example.
  4. You will use the Hardware Interface Layer (H.I.L.) that we provide, to access off chip hardware.

  5. We have a note about how to access the HERON FIFOs using H.I.L.
  6. For users of FPGA modules that have SDRAM, we have a note about how to use that.
  7. For users of Virtex-II Pro and Virtex-4FX FPGA modules we provide tutorials about Getting started with the Embedded PowerPC and Connecting the PowerPC Processor to Hardware

These tutorials assume that you are using version 9.2 of the ISE development system from Xilinx. If you are not then we have some help for you in the notes below:-

Using Different Versions of ISE (this document also tells you how to make a brand new project in ISE)

Using the VHDL support for HERON modules with design flows other than ISE. 

We also have other application notes

Next you need to look at the FPGA examples.