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Windows Installation History

The current version is always the version at the top of the list.

If you want to check that you have all the latest versions of our software on your CD and that all your manuals are up to date, go to the CD History page.

If you need the latest version of the software installation, you can download it now or request the latest HUNT ENGINEERING CD.

Version No.Release DateChanges to Previous Version
1.9.1527/05/08 * Host API version 1.9.15, updated 64-bit drivers for HEPC9
1.9.1414/01/08 * Host API version 1.9.14, now also includes support for Vista and 64bit Windows
* FPGA examples updated to support ISE 9.2
* Linux support now includes Fedora 2 - 7
1.9.1329/03/07 * Host API version 1.9.13
* HERON-API version 3.11 - fixed issue with dedicated DMA in hERON2 external interrupt function
* New Project Plug-in version 1.9.9 with CCS 3.03 support added
* Updated Server/Loader DSP libraries
1.9.1210/07/06 * Host API version 1.9.9B (HERON-BASE2 driver updated)
* hrn_fpga 2.7
* SDP version 2.07
1.9.1106/01/06 * Host API version 1.99
* Server/Loader version 4.14
all updated to add support for HERON-BASE2
1.9.1013/05/05 * Confchk: FPGA window can now move around or be shut while hrnfpga is operating
* hrn_fpga: now also shows FPGA or IO module's version number
* project plugin: bug fix for CCS
* autoconf plugin: bug fix for CCS
* Sl/HeartConf: (BDCAST/LISTEN bug fix
* RTOS32 hrnfpga  & SL/HeartConf: hEvent bug fix
1.9.910/09/04 * hrn_fpga 2.4: added *.bit file support, for Virtex II Pro, as EDK creates only *.bit files (no *.rbt) 
* confchk 1.9.8: fpga programmer now also has a *.bit file mask, so that now *.bit, *.rbt and *.hcb files are found
* Added api198smp.tar, API for LINUX, now also installs on SMP RedHat 9
1.9.827/04/04 * Host API version 1.9.8
* SDP version 2.03 (includes SL 4.11)
* API 1.9.8, SL 4.11 support for VXWORKS
* API 1.9.8, SL 4.11 support for RTOS-32
1.9.716/12/03 * Host API version 1.9.7
* confchk version 1.9.7
* SDP version 2.02
* API 1.9.7, SL 4.10 support for LINUX
(for RedHat 6.1, 7.1 and 9.0)
1.9.625/11/03 * Host API version 1.9.6
* confchk version 1.9.6
* SDP version 2.01
1.9.512/06/03 * Confchk version 1.9.5.
* host API version 1.9.5 (HEPC9 LINUX support added)
* SDP changed to C6000 SDP in install.
1.9.413/05/03 New installation concept introducing:-
* Use of Registry variables rather than environmentals, allowing changes to be made without re-boot.
* Ability to support multiple boards for Code Composer
* Over installation without separate uninstall
* Over installation to add support to an existing installation (e.g. add C6000 onto existing FPGA installation)
* Single or no re-boot necessary (rather than 2 previously)
* Installs desktop icons for commonly used tools
* Introduces the possibility of installation of Patches to solve problems should they occur
* Confchk version 1.9.4.
* Host API version 1.9.4.
* Two missing HERON2 files from HERON-API added to installation
(heron2_bios.cmd, heron2_slbios.cmd).