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Server / Loader LINUX Support

Technical note describing the LINUX Support offered by the HUNT ENGINEERING Server/loader

At Release 3.1 of the HUNT ENGINEERING Server/Loader software support for LINUX has been included. This support is using the HUNT ENGINEERING API software to access the hardware.

The Texas Instruments Compiler tools cannot run under LINUX but the HUNT ENGINEERING Server/Loader has been ported to LINUX, enabling pre-compiled COFF files to be loaded onto the DSPs, and STDIO support to the first processor in the system.

Hence the LINUX Server/Loader is intended to provide loading and control support for target systems where the host machine is running LINUX, and the development of the DSP system has taken place under an Operating system that enjoys the full support of the development tools.

As with other versions of the HUNT ENGINEERING Server/Loader the user has three ways to use the Server/loader.

The LINUX target can be made to launch the HUNT ENGINEERING server/loader at boot time, so that it can take advantage of the full STDIO support, but no other tasks can have access to the STDIO resources.

The LINUX target can spawn the Server/Loader in load only mode (no -s switch), then spawn another task that takes over the communication with the DSPs.

The user's program on the LINUX target will use the library version of the loader to boot the system, before the user's own program takes control of the communications with the DSP.