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HERON-FPGA download tool

FPGA configuration tool using HSB.

HERON modules that have a user configurable FPGA, can accept their configuration information (bit stream) over the Hunt Engineering Serial Bus (HSB). Alternatively they can sometimes be configured from a non-volatile PROM fitted to the module.

When using the HSB as the configuration method, the Hrn_fpga.exe tool is provided to interpret the Xilinx format bit stream file (Raw Bit stream Text format .rbt) and to send the correct messages over the HSB via the Host API.

For Windows operating systems a GUI front end is also provided to assist you in entering and remembering the correct command line options.

This makes configuring the FPGAs with your design or one of the standard IPs (Intellectual Properties) from the HUNT ENGINEERING CD a simple mouse click operation.

Recently introduced is a compressed bitstream download that can considerably reduce the download time for larger FPGAs. A 6M gate FPGA can now be loaded with the CD examples in less than 6 seconds!

  • What does it do for me?
    The Configuration tool provides you with a means to load your FPGAs during development and in your final system. It can also be called from the HUNT ENGINEERING Server/Loader allowing your FPGAs and DSPs to be loaded as one system.

pdf  Hrn_fpga User Manual