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Technical note describing the LINUX Support offered by the HUNT ENGINEERING API

At Release 1.5 of the HUNT ENGINEERING API software support for LINUX was included.

Please be clear that the API is a software interface layer between a host machine and the DSP system, and this means that although there is LINUX support included in the API, LINUX cannot be run on the DSP system.

So the LINUX API support allows our DSP systems to be used in a host system that is running LINUX. The support provided has been tested on Red Hat LINUX V7.1 and V9.0. LINUX API support has not been tested on any other version of LINUX.

The Texas Instruments Compiler tools cannot run under LINUX, but the HUNT ENGINEERING server/loader has been ported to LINUX.

Hence the LINUX API supports only a limited functionality, to a level that would be useful for a final system that has had the DSP software development completed in an environment where the full set of development tools is supported.