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HEART configuration tool

HEART connection configuration tool

Module carriers that offer the HEART communications system, use software configurable “virtual FIFO” connections between HERON modules. Most users do not need to know anything about the underlying HEART technology, but simply how to use it.

The Heartconf utility is provided by HUNT ENGINEERING to make the programming of those “virtual FIFO” connections simple. It uses a common text based file format developed by HUNT ENGINEERING for use by system configuration tools.

# Board description
# Define your nodes in the system.
c6 0 HERON ROOT 00000002 debug\pete.out
fpga 0 fpga1 normal 2 rbtfile
pcif 0 host1 normal 0x05

# Create a connection between host (fifo 0) and the 'C6x (fifo 0). It uses
# 1 timeslot. The precise timeslot is chosen by Server/Loader or HeartConf
heart host1 0 heron 0 1

By describing the connections that are required in your system in that text (network) file you can describe to Heartconf how to make the connections. Heartconf itself runs a mapping algorithm to determine first if the connectivity you described is possible, and secondly to determine the correct programming sequence to make those connections for you. You only need to use HeartConf if you are not using the Server/Loader because that includes all of the features of HeartConf.

Actually the picture above is simply a windows front end for HeartConf.exe that is installed on your system. You can call that directly without the windows front end, which can be useful if you want the system to configure from a batch file etc.

pdf  HeartConf User Manual