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Plug-Ins Extend Functionality of IDE for HERON systems

  • Extend CCS to system level
  • Ease debugging of "host + DSP" applications
  • Supports all HUNT ENGINEERING HERON boards

Code Composer Studio has the valuable ability to install plug-ins – utilities that can be developed by the user or board vendor. HUNT ENGINEERING have used this capability to greatly extend the capabilities of the standard debugger for our systems.

Plug-ins currently available include:

project configuration tool   - Creates a new project, set up correctly for the hardware you have - gets you coding faster!

reset manager  - Now you won't have problems of resetting just one part of your system - causing erratic behaviour. This tool allows you to specify how to reload and/or restart the system after properly resetting the whole system.

Server/Loader plug-in  - Integrates the tool that you will probably be using to deploy your system.

Each of these is designed to solve a specific problem facing developers of complex systems. There are more in development – again, using the power of the HERON eXpressDSP Framework to get your project built more quickly and easily!

eXpressDSP compliant mark This is the new "eXpressDSP Compliant" mark. Products that display this mark have passed the compliance test specified by Texas Instruments. All HUNT ENGINEERING plug-ins have passed this test.