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Project Configuration Wizard

 Project Configuration Wizard

  • Creates a template project that compiles and runs expdspcomp
  • Will include your C file if it is in the same directory and has the same name as the project you create
  • Automates a complex & error-prone process
  • Supports all HUNT ENGINEERING HERON systems
  • Gets you working faster!

 What does it do for me?

This "wizard" creates a new project within Code Composer Studio. The complex task of selecting the right libraries and configuration files is performed entirely automatically – all you provide is a project name, and the utility gets to work. The result is a template C project, ready for you to add your code.

Tasks performed by the utility include:

creating a BIOS configuration for your project

statically configuring HERON-API for your system

installing a linker command file to match your hardware

creating a template C source file

linking the HERON_API library

Once created, the project can be modified by adding your code, then compiled and loaded on your hardware.

 When would I use it?

Use the project configuration utility every time that you need to start a new project – it’s a quick easy way of automating a complex process.

 How is it configured?

The image above shows the results of the Project Configuration plug-in being run, within Code Composer. The project created was "demo" – after the project was created, we opened the project folders to show the work performed. 

New Project plug in User Manual