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Reset Plug-In -

Reset Plug-In

  • Provides system-aware RESET facilities expdspcomp
  • Eliminates JTAG and RTDX errors caused by CCS RESET
  • Ensures all system resources receive clean reset and boot
  • Reconfigures your HEART network (necessary after reset)
  • Supports all HUNT ENGINEERING HERON systems
  • Gets you working smarter!

 What does it do for me?

The RESET Plug-In provides a full system-level RESET for HERON systems. This ensures reliable and consistent operation of the system during debug.

The utility may be configured for various actions after the RESET. For example, it could halt the processors, or load the processors with the code being debugged. It can even run them to your main function, giving you a head-start in code debugging. In addition it can reconfigure your HEART connections every time you reset the system. It will even generate a template configuration for you to edit if you need it.

The utility eliminates system-level errors that occur when the Code Composer Studio "RESET" command is used. The standard CCS command only resets the processor core, whereas this utility performs a true system RESET.

 When would I use it?

Use the RESET plug-in any time you want to reset a HERON system and are not using the Server/Loader (this includes its own reset). It is strongly recommended that you do not use the Code Composer Studio RESET, as it will not perform a full system reset.

The only way to ensure a clean reset of the system, and subsequent re-initialisation of control registers, peripherals etc is to use the RESET plug-in.

 How is it configured?

The image above shows the RESET plug-in and its property page. Simply tell the RESET utility what action it should perform after the reset – all other configuration is automatic.
Reset plug in User Manual