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Server/Loader Plug-In -
Development Interface for Server/Loader Applications

Server/Loader Plug-In

  • Allows a Server/Loader application to be developed in the CCS environment expdspcomp
  • Enables simultaneous debug of PC + DSP/FPGA application code
  • Supports all HUNT ENGINEERING HERON systems
  • Provides easy path from debug to deployment

 What does it do for me?

Server/Loader plug-in allows a smooth migration from the debug environment (Server/Loader + Code Composer) to deployment (without Code Composer), speeding your project development time.

It provides all the functionality of the Server/Loader as a plug-in within Code Composer Studio. Now, the DSP system can be booted using fast FIFO-based communications links. It can access the high-speed file I/O and stdio available through Server/Loader – all within the debug environment offered by Code Composer Studio.

It is also possible to use the Server/Loader plug-in with systems using the library version of Server/Loader. Typically in these systems, the PC application is developed in a PC environment like Microsoft Visual C++, and linked to the Server/Loader library. Using the capabilities of the plug-in, the DSP debugger would start when you loaded the DSP code, running to the start of your application – allowing you to debug PC & DSP code simultaneously.

No changes to the DSP code are required to use the plug-in, while the PC must simply invoke Sever/Loader with the debug option. This can be implemented as a command line or config file option for the PC application, offering in-field debug capability.

 When would I use it?

Use the Server/Loader plug-in any time you want to debug a project using the Server/Loader.

 How is it configured?

The image above shows the Server/Loader plug-in being run, within Code Composer.
Server/Loader plug in User Manual