HUNT ENGINEERING closed in 2010 - This page is for information only.
But from 2016 we are offering Electronics design services and consultancy.
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Our Philosophy

"Real Time DSP - The World's Favourite Supplier" is an incredibly difficult claim to prove! Instead, we'll explain the philosophies of the company. When you understand these, you'll understand why our customers keep coming back!

  • "The World's Favourite DSP Supplier". Where most of our competitors are run by accountants and shareholders, we're privately held and run by DSP engineers. That gives us flexibility and puts us at a unique advantage - we can focus on the long term and remain a long term resource for our real time customers needs, rather than be driven by profit-seekers after a quick buck!
  • "Modularity and Flexibility". No DSP supplier can satisfy everyone. We can satisfy more than most - our modular systems can cover a huge range of applications. Where we don't have the right product, we might design it for you - we develop DSP, processing and I/O products faster than anyone else in this game.
  • "What Do You Want To Do?" Focus on the application! By examining what the problem really is we will usually come up with the best possible solution. Because of this we ask more questions than other suppliers. We want to understand your system - so you get the best solution. If we don't have a solution we'll tell you rather than selling you something that's not right for you.
  • "Supporting Your Future". When you become a customer we want to keep you. The best way of doing that is by making it easy for you to build your next generation. Our hardware and software modules are compatible between ranges, so if you develop software to our APIs, or use an I/O module today, you can re-use that investment later...
  • "Have Fun". Too rarely heard in a company's description of itself! Many people forget that the real talent in the technology business doesn't work for money - they would earn more as a doctor! We recognise this. Much of our work goes into eliminating problems before they occur - so the project runs smoother - so we all have more fun!

The combination of these mean HUNT ENGINEERING is the company to work with. Not just for our leading edge technology. Not just for our service and our support. Not just for the fun and working with a supplier who cares about your success - but for that unique combination. That's why existing customers keep coming back!