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But from 2016 we are offering Electronics design services and consultancy.
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TI Third Party & XtremeDSP Supporter

supporters of XtremeDSP from XilinxHUNT ENGINEERING is a committed supporter of XtremeDSP from Xilinx. We have worked with Xilinx FPGA devices for many years, culminating in our development of the HERON-FPGA range of modules. 

TI 3rd Party members HUNT ENGINEERING is also a committed member of the TI third party programme. This means that we can display the TI third party mark and benefit from joint marketing with TI.

Unusually we concentrate only on TI DSPs and Xilinx FPGA devices as we believe that TI and Xilinx are the world leaders in their fields. 

Our offerings concentrate on providing application expertise, and modular systems so that we are poised to discuss your requirements with you.

We use TI TMS320C6000 DSPs and Xilinx Virtex devices exclusively, allowing us to benefit from close relationships with TI and Xilinx, which gains us early access to information and products under non-disclosure agreements. This allows us always to be aware of how to "support your future".

See the TI web site at and the Xilinx web site at for more information.