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COTS - Why modular solutions?

COTS modular DSP solutions from Hunt EngineeringA "Commercial Off The Shelf" strategy  means that you can get the system you need quickly, but sometimes that system doesn't do what you want!

We use a modular approach wherever possible so that we can re-use technology that we develop in a very wide variety of systems. All of our modular products are designed to be as flexible as possible so that they might address the needs of many different customers, and using high performance processors and FPGAs allows each system to be completed by the most flexible part of the system - the software.

This approach is also of value to you because we can assemble most solutions with our own COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) products.  There are many other ways this is of benefit:

  • For example if your business is in research this means that your initial investment is likely to be re-useable in a future project.
  • If you are a vendor of a system that contains our products, this means that you can easily upgrade your systems without the need for huge re-investment in either design or manufacturing. Also, your requirements for holding spares for maintaining your systems is reduced due to commonality of parts in different system types.
  • It is also clear that once you have developed expertise and software for one of our modules, you can easily re-use this in another system which can improve your time to market for new system designs.

After having discussions with you about the requirements and problems of your system, we will try whenever possible to use our COTS products to offer a system solution for you. If there is no COTS solution then we might discuss the viability of providing a custom module for you, but our preference in this case is to make a general purpose "building block" that can be re-used in other system solutions. In this way we expand our product range and you avoid having to pay for a full custom solution.

Now look at finding the right modular solution for your application