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FPGA Configuration Tool History

The current version is always the version at the top of the list.

If you want to check that you have all the latest versions of our software on your CD and that all your manuals are up to date, go to the CD History page.

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Version No.Release DateChanges to Previous Version
V2.512/05/05now also shows FPGA or IO module's version number
V2.410/09/04added *.bit file support, for Virtex II Pro, as EDK creates only *.bit files (no *.rbt)
V2.311/06/04added workaround for an ISE version that generates incorrect bitstreams
V2.212/09/03FPGA tool now based on dll rather than executable
V2.101/08/03Made the tool wait for a character after an error parsing the bitstream file
V2.026/02/03Added bitstream compression. This is at 2 levels:
1a) to compress a .rbt file into a .hcb file
1b) to read a .hcb or .rbt and program a module that only supports .rbt style downloads.
2. to load a module that supports compressed download from either a .rbt or .hcb file.
V1.728/08/02The getenv function replaced by getregenv for Windows platforms. With W2K and XP we read from Registry instead of reading DOS environment variables. This way changes to them are instant and there's no need for a reboot.
V1.620/07/01Changed to handle the Virtex II parts 
V1.502/06/01Ported to PC HeBoardInfo format
V1.414/03/01Ported to RTOS32 and LINUX 
V1.3 13/02/01Replaced function calls to I2C functions  with HSB functions 
V1.223/01/01Added checking to see if a processor module is fitted  Also added Slot and Board command line switches 
V1.124/11/00Removed calls to reset board function
V1.004/10/00First release version.