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FPGA and DSP Hardware for Programmable Real-Time Systems from Hunt Engineering

Configure the programmable system you need for your application using our COTS modules!

Build your custom system using a single module or any combination of modules.
First, select the modules you need:
modules with Virtex-FPGAChoose from HERON-FPGA modules with a Virtex-4, Virtex-II Pro or Virtex-II - all programmable by you. 
What about a programmable processor? Choose one of the modules with a 'C6203 DSP or embedded PowerPC (your chosen FPGA module may already have one)
Need external memory, digital or analogue I/O? Then choose the module or combination of modules that have the best mix for your needs

USB, PCI, CPCI, embedded module carriersNext, select the module carrier that fits your needs:
Fit your chosen modules, in any combination, to a module carrier that supports them mechanically and electrically - you have a choice of USB 2.0, PCI, Compact PCI or embedded. They provide real-time data connections at up to 400Mbytes/second.

USB 2.0 connected/standalone system    Compact PCI system   larger embedded system   PCI system with FPGA modules    single module embedded system FPGA & embedded PowerPC imaging  

Then, once you have chosen your hardware system:
Use our examples, tutorials and VHDL or C APIs to build the program to make the system do what you want. 

Hunt Engineering HERON modular systems - the solution for your signal processing needs