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Image Processing VHDL modules

Image processing applications can be built quickly using these VHDL sources. They use a standard interface allowing them to be pipelined together to perform high speed image processing pipelines.

fixed co-efficient functionPixel modifying Functions
These function are applied individually to each pixel of an image, and involve a constant operator.

ADDKADD constant to each pixel
SUBKSubtract constant from each pixel
MPYKMultiply each pixel by a constant
ANDKAND each pixel with a constant
ORKOR each pixel with a constant
XORKXOR each pixel with a constant
RSHKRight shift each pixel by a constant
LSHKLeft shift each pixel by a constant
INVERTInvert each pixel
SQUARESquare each pixel value
FILLKFill image with constant
FILLRAMPFill image with ramp

Inter Image functionsvaraiable co-efficient function
These functions process each pixel of an image according to the value of the corresponding pixel in a second image. Operators available include:

ADDimageADD two images
SUBimageSubtract two images
MPYimageMultiply two images
ANDimageAND two images
ORimageOR two images
XORimageXOR two images

Convolution Functionsconvolution function
Convolution can be used to implement many different operations, particularly spatial filters and feature detectors. There are generic convolution functions where you can specify your co-efficients, and also some common filters implemented directly resulting in lower FPGA resource needs and faster operation. 

ConvolveGeneral purpose 3x3 convolution
hSobelSobel 3x3 horizontal edge detection
vSobelSobel 3x3 vertical edge detection
FindalledgesSobel 3x3 edge detection
hPrewittPrewitt 3x3 horizontal edge detection
vPrewittPrewitt 3x3 vertical edge detection
LaplacianLaplacian 3x3 filter

Low pass 3x3 filter

Sharpen3x3 Sharpen image
Convolve5x5General purpose 5x5 convolution
hSobel5x5Sobel 5x5 horizontal edge detection
vSobel5x5Sobel 5x5 vertical edge detection
Laplacian5x5Laplacian 5x5 filter

pdf  VHDL Imaging sources User Manual 

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