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FPGA Imaging Demo/Development Framework

fpga imaging demo/framework

The standard Intellectual property provided for HERON-FPGA modules allows them to be used as image acquisition modules. When you combine this with the Hunt Engineering Imaging VHDL you can perform some standard image processing tasks with ease.

This demonstration can be run using a HEPC9 or HERON-BASE2 module carrier, using a HERON-FPGA3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 12 or 14 module for the image acquisition and processing, and using the Host API to send the results images to a Windows display program running on the host PC.

The demo is quite simple, involving an FPGA program that captures and processes the images with several standard functions all at the same time. The Windows application program loads the FPGA program and then communicates with the FPGA system using the Host API. The program selects which of the processed data streams should be sent to the PC, and the data received is checked and displayed in a window on the PC screen.

The ease with which the modules and carriers can be interchanged for this demo makes it a good demonstration of the flexibility and future proofing provided by HERON systems.

In addition to being an impressive demonstration of the imaging library, it is also a good framework for developing an imaging application for your HERON system.