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Create SDRAM Based FIFOs with the HERON-FPGA12 Module


  • Standard IP that you can download to an HERON-FPGA12 module to create a large FIFO with the memory interface of the DDR SDRAM providing the storage for the FIFO
  • VHDL sources so that you can add your own FPGA design to this interface which uses only a small proportion of the FPGA resources
  • Highly suitable for applications requiring buffering between high speed data sources

The DDR memory of the HERON-FPGA12 enables high speed data storage with access speeds of 1.6Gbytes/sec possible per bank between the DDR and the FPGA. The data rate is demonstrated by the example.

In this example the 128Mbytes of DDR memory on the HERON-FPGA12 is used to create a single 128Mbyte FIFO that is interfaced between one HERON input FIFO and one output FIFO. 
This example is especially suitable for applications that require buffering between high speed data sources (e.g. A/D converters of I/O modules) and slower non-real-time host PC interfaces such as PCI

Functional Block Diagram

creating SDRAM based FIFOs with HERON-FPGA12 block diagram

All I/O modules have options for cables and clocks.  Please see our Cables & Clocks policy for more details! 

pdf  HERON-FPGA12 User Manual 

pdf  Print friendly version of HERON-FPGA12 Datasheet

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