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Connecting the PowerPC Processor to Hardware

HERON-FPGA12 with embedded PowerPC

The HERON-FPGA12 has a Virtex-II Pro device which consists of an FPGA with a PowerPC 405 processor embedded in it. This example looks at how the PowerPC and FPGA can be used together to make best use of the power of each. The PowerPC provides many different interfaces. System performance can be affected by different design choices. The example connects a hardware FFT to the PowerPC so that it can be used as a hardware acceleration block. The example project combines the PowerPC and FPGA by implementing a CoreGen FFT component in the FPGA. The PowerPC feeds the FFT component with data and also controls and monitors the operation of that logic.  Source code for four different design strategies for implementing this are provided and the performance that can be expected from them is discussed.

This framework can also be used to implement many other types of FPGA function block.

All I/O modules have options for cables and clocks.  Please see our Cables &Clocks policy for more details. 

pdf  HERON-FPGA12 User Manual 

pdf  Print friendly version of HERON-FPGA12 Datasheet

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