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HERON-FPGA4 is supplied without cables unless specified at time of ordering. The following cables can be supplied with the HERON-FPGA4 at no extra charge:

Up to 6 off FPGA30 Digital I/O cables. 

FPGA30 cable

These have 30 connections 30cms long wire type UL 1571 28AWG with a Hirose connector, part number DF13-30DS-1.25C, at one end and open-ended so you can connect to your own equipment.
Please specify FPGA30 when ordering

Up to 3 off FPGA30-CameraLink cables. 

FPGA30 CameraLink cable

These have a MDR-26 CameraLink connector at one end which is connected to a back plate with 15-way D-type cut-out. The other end has 2x15 Hirose 1.25mm connectors. 
Please specify FPGA30-CameraLink when ordering.

You can choose any combination of the above cables up to a total of no more than 6 Hirose connectors.

Additional cables can be supplied at the following prices:
FPGA30 cable - 25 each
FPGA30-CameraLink cable - 65 each

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