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HERON-FPGA4 FPGA module with Digital I/O

  • Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA with 3M, 6M or 8M gates 
    Need a larger FPGA? See here.
  • FPGA configuration downloaded using the HERON Serial Bus or from on-board FLASH PROM
  • Choice of clocking options
  • 90 user defined Digital I/Os
  • Several serial I/O options possible -- configured by the FPGA.
  • Connects to all of the HERON FIFOs, UMI and module ID signals
  • Flash PROM for storage of configuration data
  • This module can be used with ready made IP to perform often used functions

Prices: (ex VAT & shipping) 
HERON-FPGA4V3000-5: 1,995 (3M gates, speed grade 5) 
HERON-FPGA4V3000-6: 2,724 (3M gates, speed grade 6)
HERON-FPGA4V6000-5: 5,030 (6M gates, speed grade 5)
HERON-FPGA4V6000-6: 6,690 (6M gates, speed grade 6)
HERON-FPGA4  is supplied without cables as standard. However, some cables can be supplied included in the hardware price, if required. Please specify at time of ordering either up to six FPGA30 or up to three FPGA30-CameraLink cables or combinations of these up to a total of no more than 6 Hirose connectors. See HERON-FPGA4 cables for more information.

The HERON-FPGA4 provides a user programmable FPGA element for a HERON system. This can be used to process data flows or as a flexible digital I/O module.

Using the HERON serial bus allows the FPGA to be configured with a standard module configuration, or a custom one, provided by the user or HUNT ENGINEERING. After configuration the module can accept user messages over the HERON serial bus allowing registers etc to be programmed. If a more significant programming change is required a complete new FPGA configuration can be downloaded. The FLASH based configuration PROM can load the configuration data into the FPGA when it is used in an embedded system This PROM can be programmed using the standard JTAG cable available from Xilinx (such as Xilinx Parallel cable 4 or USB-JTAG cable).

The Digital I/O has a number of voltage formats such as LVTTL or LVCMOS defined by the combination of a jumper setting and the configuration downloaded to the FPGA. In addition it is possible for the HERON-FPGA4 to be used as a choice of RS232, RS485 and Differential ECL serial interfaces.

The HERON-FPGA4 can access HERON-FIFOs at a rate of 32 bits per FIFO clock in AND 32 bits per FIFO clock out concurrently. For example with a FIFO clock of 100Mhz this is 400Mbytes/sec in AND 400Mbytes/sec out.

The use of a Virtex-II XC2V*000-*ff1152 part allows clock rates of up to 365Mhz and also provides hard coded multipliers and extended I/O formats such as Low Voltage Differential Signalling (LVDS)
NOTE: Virtex II I/Os are not 5v tolerant!


HERON-FPGA4 block diagram

Technical Specification

Memory:None external to FPGA
Host Bus:HERON
Maximum Dimensions:4.0 inches x 2.5inches x 6.5mm high.
Power requirements: 5V        dependent on FPGA  configuration
12V      Max: 0A
           Typ: 0A
-12V     Max:0A
FPGA Power Consumption/Dissipation

Max Bare FPGA package dissipation: 4.5W
From 5V supply:
up to 17.8 with heatsink and fan options. FPGA PSU power can source 18.39W
Rest of logic uses 0.8W 

Clocking Speed:Max HERON-FPGA4V 365Mhz
I/O bandwidth:e.g. HEPC9 400Mb/s in + 400Mb/s out

Xilinx Foundation series tools are required to make a new FPGA configuration.
HUNT ENGINEERING provide software to download the FPGA configuration file onto the hardware, plus configuration examples.
HUNT ENGINEERING may offer to provide your configuration file for you, but this may be chargeable.

Need a ready made function? See the IP available for HERON-FPGA4 

pdf   HERON-FPGA4 User Manual

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