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cPCI9-EM2 interboard module
Inter-board connection Module for HECPCI9

  • Provides point to point communications between HECPCI9 module carriers.
  • 100% compatible with PC9-EM1 - allowing connections between PCI and Compact PCI module carriers
  • Plugs in to J4 connector of HECPIC9
  • Programmed using HeartConf or Server/Loader.
  • 6 bi-directional connections
  • 15cm cabling included, 50cm cabling at request.

Price: (ex VAT & Shipping)
CPCI9-EM2: 1,300 each (remember you need one for each module carrier)

The CPCI9-EM2 is a module designed specifically for use with Hunt Engineering HECPCI9 Heron Module Carriers, to provide point-to-point communication between HECPCI9s or to HEPC9s. The connection provided simply extends the "Virtual FIFOs" of the HEART architecture.

HECPCI9 rear panel I/OThe CPCI9-EM2 is a rear panel I/O board that plugs into the user defined connectors of the HECPCI9 module carrier board

The interboard connectivity provided uses six 1.25 Gigabit bi-directional links, allowing each cable connection to provide up to 125Mbytes/sec in each direction. As many of the six cables can be fitted as required by your system, to provide connections between any two boards.

In addition to the FIFO data, the CPCI9-EM2 can be programmed to propagate the system Reset and Heron Serial Bus connections. This allows remote boards to be reset and programmed exactly as if they were an extension of the first board.

Using the Heron Serial Bus connection it is possible to perform all HSB functions on a remote HEPC9, such as heart configuration, module queries, and any other arbitrary HSB messaging.

The standard cabling for inside a computer is a short cable like :-

standard cabling

If you make connections external to your case you must use more substantial cabling. These connections use standard Fibre channel cables and adapter cables from the CPCI9-EM2 connectors to 9 way D types. Cables of up to 10m can be used with the CPCI9-EM2, 5m or 10m lengths can be offered by HUNT at a cost of 150 and 200 respectively.

It is also possible to make the connections between cases using a standard 1.25Gbit/sec fibre converter like :- 

inter-board connection using fibre converter

Which allows connections to be made over longer distances (up to 500m) or through noisy environments.

HUNT ENGINEERING have tested the Copper to Fibre converters of Media Interface Adapters (MIA) from Stratos Lightwave part number MDB-9-6-1. You can source these yourself, or HUNT can supply them pre-tested and guaranteed to work with your system at a cost of 1,710 a pair. 5M Fibre for MIAs can be supplied at a cost of 60, 50M Fibre is priced at 165.

CPCI9-EM2 Diagram

cPCI9-EM2 block diagram

Technical Specification:

Host Bus:HECPCI9 J4 interface
Maximum Dimensions:3.85 inches x 1.9 inches
Power requirements:5V      Max: 1.5A
          Typ:  0.6A
FIFO speed:Maximum theoretical: 125Mbytes/second per FIFO.

 You can read a tutorial about using the EM2, and download the example files.

pdf   CPCI9-EM2 User Manual

pdf   Print friendly version of this Datasheet

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