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HERON-IO2 Cables

The cables supplied with HERON-IO2 as standard (and included in the hardware price) are as follows:

Inputs & /Outputs:

4 off 1m cables type RG174A/U which have Hirose 5x1.25mm connectors at one end with BNC plugs at the other end.

External clock input:

1 off 1m cable type RG174A/U which has BNC plug at one end and is joined to 200mm MMT cable type RG178 at the other end.

Digital I/O:

1 off cable which has 39 wires of type UL 1571 28AWG 30cms long with a Hirose 2x15 1.25mm connection at one end and is unconnected at the other end.

Additional cable sets can be supplied at a price of 125 each

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