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HERON modules for Processing

We offer two types of programmable processing elements for HERON systems. We have FPGA modules and C6000 modules. Both are programmable with high level languages, and both benefit from APIs, tutorials and examples provided by us. Both can be "booted" and "re-booted" using software tools on your host PC.

As a rough guideline - choose an FPGA for high speed repetitive processing (in fact it is often coupled to the High Speed I/O of your system) and a C6000 if you need floating point calculation or a lot of decision making and control. Most systems actually end require both kinds of processing so actually contain both types of module.

For more details of when to choose between them for a processing task see "FPGA or C6000 DSP for dsp?"

FPGA module with Virtex-4 HERON FPGA modules have programmable Virtex-4, Virtex-II Pro and Virtex-II FPGA choices with DDR SDRAM, Flash memory and analogue or digital I/O. Some also have Embedded PowerPC processor.
HERON C6000 module with 2400 MIPS, SDRAM, Flash ROM HERON C6000 module