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Customer Advantage:
System requires fast processing of large scale circuits plus flexibility - HERON-IO2 meets these requirements

SPring-8 Electron Storage Ring Stabilisation

The Japan Synchotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI) manages SPring-8 which is the world's largest third generation synchotron radiation facility. 
The SPring-8 electron storage ring is the largest and most powerful synchrotron radiation source in the world. An intense electron beam circulates in the storage ring and produces bright synchrotron radiation from far-infrared wavelength to X-rays. This is used fblock diagram of HERON-FPGA system for SPring8 or advanced research in materials science, spectroscopic analysis, earth science, life science, environmental science, industrial applications and so forth. However, the intense electron beam also produces an unwanted electromagnetic field that kicks the beam itself and makes it unstable. To overcome this instability, a feedback system has been developed employing six HERON-IO2Vs as a core of the signal processing system. The electron beam consists of 2436 groups of 2ns spacing circulating the ring with 5ms period. Each HERON-IO2V detects the position of every six groups turn-by-turn and executes FIR filter calculation with the history of the position of the group, then produces an analog feedback signal fed to a kicker device. Six HERON-IO2Vs run in parallel to cover every group in the ring. This feed-back system is now well stabilized and the electron beam operates without trouble.