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Customer Advantage:
Data acquisition at speeds not available elsewhere and ease of transferring results to a PC.

Infinitesima is a new company seeking to lead the way in innovative technology for the Scanning Probe Microscopy community. 

Infinitesima formed in 2001 as a spin-out from the University of Bristol Scanning Probe Microscopy group, building on the expertise in novel instrumentation, and in applications such as biology and polymer science. 
For generations, microscopists have dreamed of imaging at nanometre resolution in real time. Infinitesima has taken a giant leap towards that dream by combining the ultimate resolution of SPM with the millisecond frame rate of their revolutionary Resonant Scanning technology. 
The image rate of the system is ultimately constrained only by the capabilities of the data capture electronics. This is where the HERON system comes in. By using a HERON-IO2 to digitise the signal from their sensor at 100Mhz, and to buffer it using the FPGA, the data can be sent to the PC over the PCI interface of the HEPC9. Already they have produced videos of dynamic events with 100nm resolution with frame rates of ~100fps, which has never been seen before. The next steps are to add some processing of the data, and to increase the throughput to the PC using a module that combines FPGA with memory. This will further increase the performance of the systems. 
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