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Customer Advantage: Modularity and flexibility

Cetecom - manufacturer of telecommunications testers 

telecomms testing using HERON/HEART DSP system from Hunt Engineering CETECOM develops test systems for wireless and mobile communication technologies. They are using the HERON boards to implement:

- Bluetooth protocol test system: implementation of a Bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2 device with monitoring ports and the ability to behave in non-standard ways. It will be expandable to new Bluetooth standards by software upgrades.

- UMTS network emulator: implementation of a multi-cell, multi-carrier layer 1 of UMTS (network side) for a protocol test system

" The Hunt Engineering solution provides us a very flexible architecture that allows us to get the right combination of DSPs, FPGAs and I/O for every design, in only one product. We do not need to buy and learn new platforms for each different design we have in mind." says Joaquin Torrecilla, Director of R+D, Cetecom.

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