HUNT ENGINEERING closed in 2010 - This page is for information only.
But from 2016 we are offering Electronics design services and consultancy.
Please Contact us if you have a project we can help with.











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Before you complete the application form below please read the information about us, job opportunities and the engineers we are looking for to work with us and then return to this form if you think that you can offer what we need. The information is located here.

It is a common misconception that we need engineers who can design communications systems, or be expert DSP programmers. At HUNT ENGINEERING we design and manufacture Hardware products that our customers program in those fields.
We are a small team of Electronics Engineers who have expertise in developing and manufacturing board level products using the latest digital and analogue technologies.
We are always interested in receiving information from outstanding and motivated electronics hardware and software Engineers. We need people who care about what they do, and can be relied upon to uphold the good reputation of the company.
If you think you have something special to offer us please fill out the form below. If we are interested we will contact you and start a discussion. 

N.B. Completion of ALL fields is required.


Email address
Telephone No.
Postal Address
Do you have your own car or motorcycle?
Degree title(s)
(must be electronics)
Where did you get your degree?
Why did you choose to do that degree?
Are you working at the moment? If so, describe your job
What are you hoping for in a job?
What do you not like about your current job (if you have one)?
What are your aims in life
What do you want to be doing at work in 5 years' time?
Tell us why you think you are special and want to work for us?
(please do not simply list things you have studied – rather things that you understand, have applied and enjoy)
Describe your knowledge of analogue circuits and any experience you have using that knowledge
Describe your knowledge of digital circuits and any experience you have using that knowledge
Describe your software knowledge and any experience you have using that knowledge
Do you know C and C++?
Do you know VHDL?
Please describe the circuit:
What happens to the input signal Vi when observed at Vo?
Please note that we will only reply to applications if we wish to take the discussion further. Please do not re-submit if you don't hear from us.